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  • Want thicker fuller hair? Call or drop by today
  • Want thicker fuller hair? Call or drop by today
Riviera Medical

If you are undergoing medically-related chemotherapy or radiation treatments, and feel uneasy about the resulting hair loss, Riviera can help with a comforting solution until your own hair grows back.

Designed specifically to help women get through this tough transitional period while on the road to recovery, we specialize in hair prostheses that offer you a natural look. Your prosthesis will be personalized in cut, color and style to match you individual needs.

Using breakthrough procedures, we re-create the natural look of the scalp that you can part just like your own hair. Depending on your specific budget, we can customize your hair replacement in the precise style, texture, and fit to you scalp's shape and contour. Or you can choose from among our many optional quality hair prostheses that can be tailored to your particular needs. 

Many insurance providers offer coverage for a medical cranial prosthesis.

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